About The Private clinic


The best medical experts know that treating the physical is only one part of the healing process. That’s why at The Private Clinic we care for the mind and spirit, too.

Established by pioneering surgeons, The Private Clinic delivers minimally invasive procedures using the latest technology and techniques. Here, you’ll find the perfect mix of scientific rigor and human warmth. It’s what makes us a world-class private healthcare facility.

Our exceptional medical experts are at the top of their respective fields, and all dedicated to ensuring you get the best care and attention through your healing journey.

We believe that’s no less than you deserve.

Our clinic

Our beautifully designed clinic combines the best of both modernity and functionality – it’s the doctor’s office you actually want to visit. You’ll find warm, welcoming spaces as well as discreet and comfortable consulting rooms, where we work together to find you the best treatment.

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Often, spinal conditions can be fixed with the right blend of rehabilitation strategies. But there are times when spinal surgery is your most effective long-term option.

Our spinal services

Dr John Ferguson

Throughout 15 years of public and private practice experience, Dr John Ferguson has been committed to providing New Zealanders with the gold standard of care. To Dr Ferguson, that means treating more than just the physical – a belief that led him to establish The Private Clinic.

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