Spinal surgeon

Dr. John Ferguson

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I have now been practicing in public and private practice since 2006. In this time, we have introduced the direct lateral approach to the lumbar spine to Australasia.

We have also pioneered the use of the MAGEC magnetically lengthening growing rod for the treatment of early onset scoliosis and more recently have performed the first anterior thoracoscopic tethers for idiopathic scoliosis in Australasia.

It has been my goal since commencing as a consultant in New Zealand to provide New Zealanders with gold standard care at a level that would be considered excellent anywhere in the world. To this end, I have retained and built on the contacts I met during my fellowship in the United States and have been actively involved in research at an international and.

I sit on a number of committees with the Scoliosis Research Society and on the programme committee for the ICEOS scoliosis subgroup. My results are regularly submitted to national and international bodies and compared with peers to ensure the outcomes are of the highest possible order.